Belagio Enterprises 25" Wide x 15 Yard Cork Fabric Bolts

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Belagio Enterprises 25" Wide x 15 Yard Cork Fabric

Belagio Cork Fabric is real cork from the cork oak tree which is laminated to a polycotton fabric for durability and support. It is a lighter weight fabric than most cork fabrics on the market intentionally. This cork fabric can be sewn on a machine, seams ironed flat (with pressing cloth between the iron and fabric) and used for fashion accessories as well as home décor.

Belagio Cork Fabric can also be painted, stenciled, die-cut, stamped, wood-burned, and colored with pencils or permanent markers. When die-cut, the edges self-heal and are smooth. Use it to make handmade bags, wallets, accents on clothing, craft projects, applique, embroidery, shoes, or upholstery.

  • This listing is for the 25" Wide x 15 yard bolt of cork fabric.

This cork fabric is biodegradable, anti-static, and hypoallergenic. It is harvested responsibly and in an environmentally sustainable fashion. Our cork fabric is made up of 50% cork, 48% TC, and 2% Glue. 

Belagio Enterprises cork fabric is sold in three sizes.  See the available sizes below.
1) 18" x 15" Rolls
2) 25" x 15 Yard Bolts
3) 54" x 25 Yard Bolts
  • Material: Natural Cork Fabric
  • Package Quantity: 1
    • BPC - Three 18" x 15" Rolls
    • B25C - One 25" x 15 Yard Bolt
    • B54C - One 54" x 25 Yard Bolt
    • Sourced in Portugal. Made in China
    • Color: As shown in pictures


    Cork fabric ships from Los Angeles, CA unless otherwise noted.